C&K Inc Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturing enterprise that integrates design, production, distribution of ladies casual and semi

casual wears. Our company has 100 technical equipments and employs 20 professional technicians and design staffs as well as more than 500 skilled workers.

As the buyer’s request, we can import Korean fabric & accessories

and then we do as CMT processing for the goods in Dalian factory. Also we are able to purchase original Chinese materials and produce the goods. It is depending on your requests.


In order to maintain the best quality of goods, we are able to pay special attention to quality control, aiming at “Zero Defect. Also, we are able to offer the reasonable and competitive price to our customers.


The plan of this company is adapts continued growth, new facilities, expanded

research and product development capabilities in those industries. It is our sincere hope that you will join us. Your presence will make us as a better company and we hope that our presence in the

market place will make you more profitable.


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